Saturday, May 08, 2010

My LiTTle BriDe

Dear DiarY PinokOo,

Young love is in the air in My Little Bride! Popular heartthrob Kim Rae Won (Rooftop Room Cat) is right at home in this hit romantic comedy about a curious arranged marriage. Kim is Sang Min, a handsome college student who aspires to be a legendary playboy. However, his swinging single ways are about to end thanks to the arrival of 16-year-old Bo Eun (Moon Geun Young, A Tale of Two Sisters). Bo Eun's grandfather was best friends with Sang Min's grandfather, whose dying wish was to see Sang Min and Bo Eun married!

Neither of the youngsters have any interest in getting hitched; Sang Min won't be able to attract college girls with a ring on his finger, and Bo Eun is in love with a local high school hunk. But Bo Eun's grandfather is determined to get the two together, even if he has to resort to some wily deception! His tricky ways get the two to the altar, but how will they adjust to a married life neither wants? A romantic comedy full of sweet, fun-loving innocence, My Little Bride promises to charm and entertain anyone with a heart!

p/s:aku cuma mau bg tau .. skrg ak duk tgk cite my little bride.. best jugak tgk cite nie.. kak ak pinjam cd nie dr kwn d.. yer lah .. ak bosan duk umah.. tue yg suh d pinjam kan.. tp ak mau promote lah kalu mau beli cd korea or taiwan murah2 de kat alor staq.. ak nie memg giler cite korea.. semua koleksi peberot ku semua nyer ak daptkan kat alor star.. yg plg ak suke sal cite nie sbb bilik dak puan tue comel sngt.. hik3.. de udang balik btu plak tgk cite nie.. memg sje nk daptkan ilham tuk hias bilik smbil2 tue.. hik3 =)

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